We stand for environmental protection

  • Electricity and gas from a carbon-neutral provider

    Even by the choice of our business partners we try to respect environmental protection in our hotel. What could be better than to get electricity and gas from a carbon-neutral electricity supplier.


  • Our current supplier Meistro offers 100% carbon neutral current

    Since 1st of January 2013, the carbon-neutral electricity from Meistro is registered at the (HKNR) at the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and guarantees green electricity.


  • Our gas supplier Envitra offers 100% carbon neutral gas

    Additionally, our gas supplier relies on CO₂neutral gas. Envitra works on the CO₂balance with the myclimate Germany GmbH. As one of the world’s leading provider of voluntary CO₂ compensation measures myclimate has initiated carbon offset projects that meet the strictest international quality standards.


    power switch

  • CHP

    To reduce the energy consumption of our hotel we use a combined heat and power plant. Thereby we are able to produce energy-optimized power and heat.


  • Water saver

    By the use of water savers in sinks and showers we avoid unnecessarily high water flow. Water is a precious commodity which we should only consume wisely.


  • Power switch in our rooms

    You can turn off every electricity in your rooms, which is not necessary, with our power switch when you leave. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn out the light or the TV.


  • Motion detector in the hallways

    In the public sector, we do not want to unnecessarily consume power and have thus installed a proven technology with motion sensors. When the hall is not in use the light turns off.


  • Thermal insulation for low heat demand

    We have covered our house with thicker insulation in order to ensure that the heat stays where it belongs.


  • Awarded by TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor has confirmed that we care for environmental protection. We can happily announce that we have been awarded with the Ökospitzenreiter bronze award.



Ökospitzenreiter bronze