Some say it is a symbiotic relationship, others a contrast.

Definitely the Brauerei-Gasthof Schwanen and the Best Western PLUS BeerCultureHotel Schwanen is an experience.

The first written mention of our brewery decreases to 1697. Since this day beer is brewed here exclusively after the German purity law. With 40 brews and approx. 500 hl of beer in the year, we are the smallest brewery in the beer culture town, but with its 19 types per year, it’s one of the most diverse breweries of Germany!

The restaurant with historic wood paneling, offers classic and traditional Swabian dishes and fine cuisine with daily lunch specials. A special feature of our meals are all about beer. We also have changing seasonal promotions such as “cheese spaetzle-week”, “Cabin Fever”, “barbecue”, and more.

Why don´t you make your plans for the upcoming days with a homebrewed “Zwickelbier” in the Hotel´s cosy beer garden.

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