Framework Programme

Incentives for your conference

The Framework Programme should embellish, enrich and complete your event, create a balance, while simultaneously underlining your content.

“Beer”, “culture”, “hotel”, “Experience” – are the key to what inspired our rich framework programme.

Here a small selection:


Micha´s Brauseminar

We would like to bring to you an understanding of the fine art of beer brewing. After some theory, you are actively helping in the brew and get to all the stages of beer production know in our 50-liter mini-brewing equipment. Enjoy being a brew master for a few hours. For strength you will be spoilt with a 5-course meal influenced with our beer, which is prepared by our head chef Dominic. We organise our brewing seminars from 10 people and up.The menus are individually arranged with you. Eight weeks after your seminar, participants can order a bottle of the self brewed beer and taste the first walking attempts in the matter of brewing art.


Brewery Tour

The art of brewing in Germany is an old handcraft tradition which remains to most beer drinkers a secret. We would like to give an understanding to you of this art in a small tour in our own brewery. You will not only find out about the art of the beer production, but also about the history of the beer which is much older than one believes.



Do you want to experience with your customers a pleasant and entertaining evening? And still eating and drinking well?

Then our beergarden-parties are just the thing to make your business a different way.


To all parties offer a barrel Schwanenwirt´s Zwickel

Pasta Party

fantastic pasta-dishes with French bread and a large bowl of salad

Haxen Party

fresh baked trotters in dark beer with dumplings, homemade swabian noodles and coleslaw

Spareribs Party

delicious spare ribs with barbecue and garlic sauce,
Potato wedges, baked potato with sour cream and a large bowl of salad