Overview of our meeting rooms




meetingroomlenghtwidthheightheightfloorU-formBlockParlamentReihenStuhlkreisKlimamit TageslichtVerdunkelbar
1 Keimkasten6,00m3,75m3,00m22,60m²ground8128208JaJaJa
2 Malztenne
3 Hopfengarten6,00m3,75m3,00m22,60m²ground8128208JaJaJa
1+2 / 2+36,00m7,60m3,00m45,00m²ground1624163624JaJaJa
Brauhaus 8,51m4,70m2,68m40,0m²ground2018243624nojaja
Brauhaus+Sudhaus 12.17m 4,70m 2,68m 57,2m²ground3228365430nojaja





included in our package free technology

  • WLAN and LAN in the conference room
  • data Projector
  • Benq Instashow wireless date to projektor
  • canvas
  • Presentation case
  • pinboard
  • Overhead Projector
  • slide Projector
  • lectern


Audio-visual equipment costs

additional data projectors20,00€
Samsung Flip30,00€
TV with VCR or DVD player20,00€
Microphone system with amplifier and CD player50,00€
video camera15,00 €
additional presenter case25,00€
additional pinboard10,00€
additional flipchart10,00€
additional flipchartpaper5,00€
Photocopying color0,50€

State-of-the-art technology: Samsung Flip
Efficient meetings, creative cooperation

Flipcharts are indispensable in companies, but especially in today’s world of work, they repeatedly come up against their limits. As a digital flipchart, the Samsung Flip offers plenty of room for creativity, flexibility and cooperation – and is in many ways superior to analog flipcharts