for our work in environmental protection

“Tripadvisor” also confirms that we stand for active environmental protection and has awarded us the “Eco top rider gold” award.

DEHOGA environmental check

We are particularly proud of our gold award

The first major certification on environmental protection.

We want to have more to follow …

Since January 1, 2013, the climate-neutral electricity from “Meistro” has been registered in the certificate of origin for green electricity (HKNR) at the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).
Our gas provider also relies on CO₂-neutral natural gas. “MEistro” works together with myclimate Deutschland GmbH on CO₂ compensation. As one of the world’s leading providers of voluntary CO₂ compensation measures, the myclimate climate protection projects meet the strictest international quality requirements.
To reduce energy consumption, our house relies on its own combined heat and power plant. Here we can produce electricity and heat in an energy-optimized way.
By using water savers in taps and shower heads, we avoid unnecessarily high water flow. Because water is a precious commodity which we should only consume with care.
There are energy switches on each room, with which everything that is not necessary can be switched off when you leave the room. No forgotten light or TV pollutes the environment.
In public areas, too, we don’t want to consume more electricity than is necessary, and here too we rely on the tried-and-tested motion detector technology.
You start to save energy from the outside. That is why we have insulated our house very well so that the heat stays where it belongs: in your hotel room.