Beer culture pure

Enjoy a special stay around the topic of beer for 3-5 days in our arrangement in the brewery hotel and let yourself be pampered by our Swabian cuisine. After your arrival at our hotel with Brauerei you have a wonderful view of Swabia from your balcony and enjoy a delicious beer specialty. Come to rest and, after a hearty breakfast, start the next morning into an exciting day full of beer culture.

Be a guest

in our hotel with brewery

Enjoy pure beer culture in our brewery hotel, optionally with our 3- or 5-day packages. We look forward to your visit and to bringing you closer to the beer culture city of Ehingen.

A must for every beer lover!

Explore the beer culture city

With a multimedia city tour

The next day you set out to explore the beer culture city of Ehingen with a multimedia city tour

In addition, we have put together a beer culture city bag with interesting facts about Ehingen for you. Since we are a hotel with a brewery, a beer tasting should of course not be missing.

The highlight here is our brewery ABC – the brewery tour of a different kind. You can try two different beers in our brewery with hotel and you will quickly notice that beer is not just beer.

The fact that the hops-containing brew is not only a real delicacy in liquid form is shown by the tasting of our homemade grains bread.



3 days

from 155 € p. P. in double room

from 215 € p. P. in single room

4 days

from 210 € p. P. in double room

from 300 € p. P. in single room

5 days

from 270 € p. P. in double room

from 392 € p. P. in single room

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