Beer culture city Ehingen

An overview of the leisure opportunities

Micha's brewing seminar

We bring you closer to the art of brewing beer. In addition to some theory, you will actively lend a hand and get to know all stages of beer production on our 50-liter mini brewing system. Enjoy being a master brewer yourself for a few hours. For refreshment, we serve a 5-course beer-themed menu, which our chef Dominic will prepare for you.

Brewery tour

The art of brewing has a long tradition of craftsmanship in Germany that remains hidden from most beer drinkers. We want to bring these arts closer to you in a small tour of our brewpub. Not only will you learn about the art of beer making, but also the history of beer, which is much older than you think.

Beer culture city multimedia tour

Experience with our Ehingen app the city tour on the subject of “Beer Culture City” in pictures, text and sound. With the help of a GPS signal and a digital map, you will be guided both online and offline to the most attractive points on the topic of beer in our beautiful city. In order to be able to optimally experience the audio contributions of our multimedia city tour in a group, a handy sound cube is available that you can borrow from us free of charge.

Historical multimedia city tour

Experience the themed city tour “Historic Ehingen” in pictures, text and sound with our Ehingen app. Both online and offline you will be guided to the most attractive points of our beautiful city with the help of a GPS signal and a digital map. In order to be able to optimally experience the audio contributions of our multimedia city tour in a group, a handy sound cube is available that you can borrow from us free of charge.

Beer trail

“We hike, from one beer to another” has been the motto in Ehingen since the summer of 2009. A year later, the hiking trail certified by the International People’s Sports Association was selected by the renowned hiking magazine as one of the 30 most beautiful hiking trails in Germany! The route leads past numerous historical buildings that are well worth seeing and finally opens with a fabulous view over the Danube. The route is modular and has three hiking routes: 5 km, 10 km and 15 km. For food on the beer hiking trail, we recommend the BierKulturStadt backpack . Hiking map for download

Municipal gallery

The art collector Doris Nöth, who comes from Ehingen, has given the city an extremely extensive collection of modern art, thus expanding the extensive city collection and laying another foundation for the gallery. The building itself was built in 1624 as the manor and aristocratic court of the von Speth family.

Mochental Castle with gallery and broom museum

The Ewald Karl Schrade gallery has been dedicated to contemporary art and classic modern art for almost four decades. The stately baroque castle Mochental near Ehingen / Donau has been the headquarters of the gallery since 1985. Here nature, landscape, history and modernity form a symbiosis. On 2,500 square meters of exhibition space, the gallery shows an exciting exhibition program of high standards. Mochental Castle is home to the world’s first broom museum!

Museum Ehingen in the Heilig-Geist-Spital

The Heilig-Geist-Spital was founded around 1340 through foundations and donations from citizens of Ehingen. Its greatest structural expansion took place in the 16th century. There were economic buildings grouped around a courtyard and the so-called Neuhaus. The economic buildings are no longer available today. The Neuhaus served various purposes until 1976, the last being apartments. The building was completely renovated and restored between 1977 and 1984 at great expense. After completion, the city museum was set up here and opened in 1985.

Baroque churches of Ehingen

The parish church of St. Blasius towers high above the Schmiech on a plateau and is surrounded by a castle-like, walled, former cemetery.

In the west of the city is the pilgrimage church “Our Lady in Ehingen”. The new baroque Church of Our Lady captivates with its unity, diversity and splendor.

The Konviktskirche is one of the oldest Herz-Jesu churches in Germany and one of the most important baroque churches in Swabia.

Guided hike in the beer culture city of Ehingen

Welcome to the award-winning beer culture city of Ehingen and to Germany’s most beautiful beer hiking trail! My name is Rolf Koch and I have been responsible for the tourism development of Ehingen for around two decades. I look forward to this
To share a wealth of experience with you in a few wet and happy hours …