Museum and art

Beer mug museum

Under the motto “Drinking culture from five centuries”, around 1200 beer mugs from the years 1550 to 1925, mostly from the private collection of brewery senior boss Jürgen Josef Ott, have been inviting you on an exciting journey through the history of beer. The beer mug used to be both an investment and a status symbol and had a great tradition for centuries. No wonder that the antique collectibles excel in originality and individuality.

Nativity Museum Oberstadion

160 cribs on 600m². Kirppen landscapes of the most famous carvers and crib builders in Germany, Austria and Italy exhibit their masterpieces here. Special exhibitions by the likes of Claudio Mattei, one of the world’s best nativity scene makers, can also be found here. Since the opening on December 21, 2008, over 70,000 visitors have come.

Bread Museum Ulm

The unique themed museum is dedicated to the 6,000-year history of bread as an indispensable basis for human existence, culture and civilization. The collection includes over 16,000 objects from more than 30 collection areas, 700 of which can be seen in the permanent exhibition. The story of bread begins with the cultivation of the grain. As an indispensable foundation of human culture and civilization, bread is a symbol of life.


In the midst of a fascinating moor landscape, the Federseemuseum with its important archaeological objects and twelve stone and bronze age houses in the open-air area offers the rare opportunity to get to know prehistoric living conditions in detail. If you can marvel at the fascinating original finds from the archaeological region inside, the subsequent walk into the outdoor area conveys architecture from 3500 years of local pile-dwelling history.

Ulmer Museum

The lion man from the Hohlenstein barn in the Lone Valley is a 35,000 to 41,000 year old sculpture made of mammoth ivory that depicts a person with the head and limbs of a cave lion. The sculpture comes from the Upper Paleolithic culture of Aurignacia and is one of the oldest small works of art known to man.

Hymer Museum

Out and about in the world – The Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee nearly Ehingen invites you to take a unique tour of discovery through the past, present and future of mobile travel. In the over 6,000 square meter permanent exhibition, more than 80 historic caravans and motorhomes are presented.

Museum Ehingen

The Ehingen Museum in the former Heilig-Geist-Spital offers extensive insights into the city’s history from its foundation to the 20th century. It shows valuable sacred and profane art, autographs and editions of works by local dialect poets, an archaeological collection as well as rural tools and old workshop equipment from former craftsmen.
A watchmaker’s workshop with a watch collection, a pharmacy from 1836, a school room and animal collections are particularly interesting.

Brewery Museum in Berg

Discover and experience in the brewery vault the “Berg Zeit”, the development of the art of brewing, historical equipment in the last decades and the history of the Berg brewery. Enter the cellar labyrinth and immerse yourself in the living history of beer brewing.

Take your time and enter the ice, fermentation and storage cellars located at a depth of 13m. Here, between historical wooden barrels, fermentation vats and a natural cooling device, the “ice float”, you can experience the history of artisanal beer maturation, which has been written in the Berg brewery for more than 150 years.

Lake Constance Tractor and Car Museum

A visit to the museum and the adjoining Jägerhof is an unforgettable experience for young and old, in good and bad weather. All rooms are barrier-free and pleasantly cool in summer. You will find all the important information for your visit to the Lake Constance Tractor Museum on our website. We are looking forward to your visit!

Edwin Scharff Museum with Children's Museum

A stimulating place in the middle of the city …

Art exhibitions, interactive exhibitions for children, adults and families, hands-on zones, workshops, red sofas and a green courtyard invite you to the Edwin Scharff Museum, the museum of the city of Neu-Ulm, which has a lot to offer on almost 1500 square meters.

Blaubeuren Museum of Prehistory

The Prehistory Museum Blaubeuren (URMU) at Kirchplatz 10 in Blaubeuren is the central focus museum for the Paleolithic in Baden-Württemberg. It has been a branch museum of the Archaeological State Museum Baden-Württemberg since 2012.

Every year the museum presents a special exhibition on an overarching annual theme that illuminates various aspects of the Ice Age. The Prehistory Museum Blaubeuren offers a diverse museum educational program for children, young people and adults.

Blautopf Blaubeuren

One look is enough: there is something magical about this place. Blue and green flow into one another in an almost incomparable way. Like a shining eye from the depths of the earth, a source of myths, fairy tales and all sorts of wondrous stories. One of the most beautiful is probably the “History of the beautiful Lau”, in which Eduard Mörike tells how a mermaid at the Blautopf learns to laugh again. A stone sculpture on the bank is a reminder of her … and on some days she can still be seen briefly in the depths of the spring funnel.

Weishaupt Art Gallery

The Weishaupt art gallery in Ulm houses a private collection of modern art in Baden-Württemberg.

Municipal gallery Ehingen

The art collector Doris Nöth has given the city an extremely extensive collection of modern art, thus expanding the extensive city collection and laying another foundation for the gallery. The building itself was built in 1624 as the manor and aristocratic court of the von Speth family.

Dornier Museum

Everyone can be a pioneer – that is the core message of the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen. Located directly at Friedrichshafen Airport, it brings 100 years of exciting aerospace history to life. The architecture, based on an aircraft hangar, houses almost 400 exhibits on 5,000 square meters, including twelve original aircraft, seven 1: 1 exhibits from space travel and two full-scale replicas of the Dornier Merkur and Dornier Wal aircraft. Pioneering spirit you can touch: for technology enthusiasts, those interested in history, families and friends of aviation.

Stilt houses in Unteruhldingen

The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen is an archaeological open-air museum located on Lake Constance with an attached museum building in the municipality of Uhldingen-Mühlhofen in the Lake Constance district in Baden-Württemberg, which presents archaeological finds and replicas of pile villages from the Stone and Bronze Ages. It currently comprises 23 pile dwellings.

Dormettingen slate experience

Interaction – fossil tapping area and adventure playground
Entertainment – open air stage
Communication – Restaurant “Am Schiefersee”
Nature experience – landscape with a lake