Sports, thermal baths and parks

In Ehingen and the surrounding area


Legoland Germany is a wonderful amusement park that ensures real family fun. Legoland Germany in Günzbürg is particularly suitable for families with children between the ages of two and 12. Action, fun and excitement are very important here. More than 57 million LEGO bricks were installed in the park and 63 attractions ensure pure maintenance.

Ravensburger playland

In the Ravensburger Spieleland, the amusement park on Lake Constance, families experience unique moments together: the 400-meter-long white water course alpine rafting offers pure thrills, everyone extinguishes a house together during a fire fighting game and Captain Blaubär takes visitors on an incredible adventure ride. The curves in the Fix & Foxi rocket flash are super fast. The most beautiful game ideas from Ravensburger are even available in XXL format in the Ravensburger Spieleland. Discover the new theme world with the mouse and the elephant, the stars from the “Sendung mit der Maus” – with a large 3D adventure cinema, family free-fall tower and much more!

Biberach climbing forest

Balance over various obstacles at a height of several meters, swing from tree to tree like Tarzan and whiz through the air with cable cars – always optimally secured with a helmet, harness and carabiners, of course. Sounds crazy? But it is not!

All das ist im „Kletterwald Biberach“ möglich.

Laichingen climbing forest

Swing from tree to tree, climb over wobbly bridges and cross obstacles on ropes?

All this and much more is possible in the Laichingen climbing forest near the Tiefenhöhle on the Swabian Alb. You can expect hours of fun, adventure and action! Test your skills on 174 climbing elements at a height of up to 14.5 meters.

Lichtenstein Castle Adventure Park

In the forest at lofty heights like Tarzan and Jane swing through the trees or climb a net like Spiderman. These adventures can be experienced up close in the Lichtenstein Castle Adventure Park.

All of this takes place in the great outdoors and on secure paths. Anyone from the age of 8 can take part (in exceptional cases, by prior arrangement, from the age of 6) who has a little courage, a little fitness and surefootedness.

Danube bath

Clear the path! No matter whether it’s a black hole, crazy river, adventure or family slide – fun and action are guaranteed with a slide in the mega slide tower. The possibilities in our adventure world are almost unlimited. While the little ones play with water cannons in Wonniland and climb around in the children’s play castle, the grown-ups let themselves be carried away by the flow channel in the outdoor pool. In the sauna area, the elements of communication, relaxation and tranquility combine to create a holistic feel-good program.

Bad blue

Welcome to Bad Blau – your leisure and wellness bath. You deserve to just drift for a few hours. In our Solevital basin, the water enriched with sulfate, magnesium and calcium invigorates you. In Bad Blau, big and small water rats can experience all kinds of adventures.

AlbTherme Bad Urach

The thermal mineral water feeds six different pools with temperatures between 32 and 38 ° C. In the interior, the new lighting concept bathes the bathroom in fascinating light every evening from the beginning of dusk. Several outdoor pools entice you to linger in the fresh air and offer the opportunity to enjoy the panorama with the castle ruins and the steep slopes of the Swabian Alb. There are eight different sauna and sweating attractions in the separate 3000 m² sauna world.

Adelindi's thermal baths

A “cooler” therapy pool (28 ° C to 33 ° C), a whirlpool (38 ° C) and a relaxation pool (37 ° C), two steaming outdoor pools (36 ° C and 37 ° C) and a sports pool with six lanes ( 28 ° C to 32 ° C). A celtarium, a sweat grotto, relaxation rooms with regional feel-good simulations, the “bistro in the thermal baths” and a large wellness area invite you to linger and relax. The sauna landscape with its spacious outdoor area offers an attractive selection …

Jordan Bad

One place, many possibilities for rest and relaxation!

However, it is worth packing your swimming trunks so that you can enjoy the comfortably warm thermal water in our thermal, brine and family baths. Of course, you can also discover a lot without swimming trunks: Textile-free in our unique sauna area. Step by step, you will get fit in the health center.

Sonnenhof Therme Saulgau

Close your eyes, feel the power of the water, slip away from everyday life. The Sonnenhof Therme is a place of rest and relaxation. Every day up to 1.5 million liters of sulphurous healing water gush from the 650 m deep spring and supply the different sized thermal water pools. What is unique is that the natural water is let directly into the pool and unfolds its healing effect there. The sulphurous thermal water of the Sonnenhof-Therme is officially recognized as a healing spring.

Ehingen outdoor swimming pool

55m long giant slide, large children’s fun area with a muddy landscape
Diving tower with 5m, 3m and 1m board, flow channel with resting areas
Water cascade, floor bubbler, wall massage jets, beach volleyball field, covered soccer field, basketball court, terraced sunbathing lawns with a view of the Danube valley
Temperature constant above 24 ° C, kiosk

Erpfingen summer bobsleigh run

In the middle of the Swabian Alb, one of the most attractive spots in Germany, the summer bobsleigh run awaits you, not far from the Bärenhöhle, in the climatic health resort of Erpfingen. Enjoy the sporting pleasure of taking a leisurely lift up through a picturesque landscape as a couple or on your own, and then speeding down into the Melchinger Valley. The track was opened in 1975 and completely rebuilt in 1998. With a length of approx. 1300 m ascent and descent, 13 curves and a difference in altitude of 75 m, it is the region’s sporting attraction.

Wilhelma Stuttgart

The Wilhelma is a zoological-botanical garden in the Stuttgart district of Bad Cannstatt. With over two million visitors annually, it is one of the most popular zoological gardens in Germany. Today, Wilhelma shows around 11,500 animals from all over the world on around 30 hectares. With over 1200 species, it is the second most species-rich zoo in Germany after the Berlin Zoological Garden with 1504 species …

Dreamland with a bear cave

The Traumland amusement park on the Swabian Alb combines a trip to fairy tale land with fun driving and playing. There is a lot to experience! Attractive rides such as the children’s wild water ride, the slingshot (a variant of the ship’s swing), the medium-sized Ferris wheel, the bee tower, the climbing pyramid or the caterpillar track. Pony rides, a giant slide and a nice playground are of course always welcome.
There is also a petting zoo, a jumping tent and a bobby car track for the toddlers. The Traumland amusement park on the Bear Cave guarantees fun and adventure for families with younger children.

Ulm Zoo

Embedded in the green backdrop of the Friedrichsau recreation area in Ulm, the zoo offers varied hours with the fascinating animal world of our earth. The Ulm Zoo is divided into six areas: aquariums with a large number of fish; Terrariums with frogs, snakes, iguanas; Tropical house with gibbons, monkeys, alligators; Aviaries with beos, herons, macaws and other parrots; Outdoor area with petting zoo; Bear enclosure.

Affenberg Salem

A unique experience with almost 200 bright Barbary macaques that live here as if in the wild in a 20 hectare forest. The largest free-flying stork colony in southern Germany! A water bird paradise at the stork pond with huge carp! A lively herd of fallow deer! Our cozy Affenberg tavern with beer garden and large adventure playground in the midst of almost 50 pairs of storks!

Canoe tours on the Lauter

We have been letting people down the drain since 1978. A long time. In the meantime we have also built the boathouse on the Lauter, the central meeting point for hikers, motorcyclists and all other leisure seekers.

Canoe tours on the Danube

Discover the world from a canoe. One of the most beautiful canoeing areas is in southern Germany between the Swabian Alb and Lake Constance. The domestic canoeing rivers that we use the most are Danube, Iller and Schussen. These three rivers flow through the wonderfully varied landscape of Upper Swabia with different river characters.

Mini golf in Allmendingen

The mini golf course was opened on April 29, 1967. The 18-hole course with concrete lanes is idyllically located in a wooded area directly above the forest swimming pool.

Pony Farm & amp; Zwergental fairy tale park

There are 20 well-groomed ponies in the stable. They are white, black, brown and spotted, are called Susi, Lord or Flocke and wait for little riders (children up to 12 years and max. 45 kg) to take them around 1.5 km long bridle path through the beautiful landscape of the Swabian Alb. Assuming an adult companion leads the pony by the reins.

In the fairy tale park you will find 13 fairy tale houses on a circular route. The figures move at the push of a button and the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and other well-known fairy tales are told.
A rabbit and a goat enclosure enliven the tour, as does a ride in the “Ponyhof Express” or in the “Raupenzügle”. …